Alexandra Baciu

They want me to describe who I am: a 1,65, bemused, conflicted and sleep addicted female hominid.

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B.08/20th/1982, Focsani, Romania
Based in: Bucharest, Romania

2007- 2010: Bachelor in Fine Arts, National Art University, Bucharest, (P. Stefan Caltia);
2011 – 2012 Master in Fine Arts, National Art University, Bucharest, (P. Petru Lucaci);
Oct. 2009 – March 2009, Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Italia, (P. Giuseppe Modica);

Personal art shows:
Sept 2016 - Memories From Another Life, Home Matasari, White Night of the Galleries, curator: Roxana Coman;

International and local art shows:
October 2008 – “Artis 2008” Iasi, Romania, curator Constantin Tofan;
March 2008 – “Atelier 35”, “World Trade Center” Galleries, Iasi, Romania
May 2009 – “Visual encounters” Exhibition, UnaGaleria Bucharest, Romania;
June 2009 – Group exhibition, Focsani Cultural Centre, Focsani, Romania;
December 2010 – “Post #3 – Aperitivo” Exhibition, Pigneto, Rome, Italy;
May 2010 – “Marte Live” art festival, Club Alphaeus, Rome, Italy, sculpture;
June 2010 –Graduation exhibition, ARTIS Gallery, Bucharest;
July 2010 – “Young graduates of graphics and painting”, Arcuş Cultural Centre -, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania; 18 March – 14th April 2011, INTALNIRI CU DESENE / FRESH DRAWINGS / 2006-2011 la LC Foundation –
Contemporary Art Centre, Bucharest, curator Simona Vilau;
2nd June 2011, “150 Anni dell’Unita d’Italia – 150 years since the union of Italy” – the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, the Embassy of Italy in Bucharest;
21 June 2011 – “WithIn, WITH us…”, Visual Arts Centre (Căminul Artei), Bucharest, curator Petru Lucaci;
28 June 2011 – “Mesaj codat”/“Encypted message”. EBiennale, 1st Edition of “George Enescu” Festival 20th
Anniversary Edition, Bucharest, curator Ilina Schille;
01 March 2012 – “Femmeart”, Caminul Artei, Bucharest, group show, curator Marilena Preda Sinc;
3rd March 2012 – UNARTE 2012, National Art Museum Cluj, group show, curator Marcel Bunea;
28th June 2012 – “Constantin Brancusi” Gallery, Parliament Pallace, Bucharest, Romania, curator: National Art University:
09 October 2012 – “How was it possible? – Holocaust of the Jewish people in Romania”, The National
Institute for Holocaust Studies – Elie Wiesel, Bucharest, Romania, curator Valentina Iancu;
27 January 2013, ~”~- Iasi, Romania;
24 May 2013 – DEBRIS/NAG07, Home Matasari, Bucharest, Romania, curator Teodora Dinu;
31 May 2013 – BIP Chisinau 2013, International Painting Biennale, Chisinau, National Art Musem, Rep. of Moldova, curator Teodor Zbarnea;
27th June 2013 ~”~ Medieval Galleries of Cotroceni Museum, Bucharest, Romania, Curator: Teodor Zbarnea;
15 September 2013, KIC – Kulturno Informativen Centar, Skopje, Macedonia, Curator: Emil Shulajkovski
2014 - Kavadarci Art Gallery, Curator: Vladimir Temkov;
7 Octomber 2013, WoMANYn COLORS @ Femei pe Matasari, Home Matasari; Curators: Ioana Mandeal, Sandra Demetrescu;
26 Sept 2014, “Inner Fire, a matter of limits”/Bucharest Art Week, curator Nona Serbanescu;
27 Sept 2014, “BITUM”, artist run space, Carol 53, Bucharest Art Week
30 Sept 2014, “Balkan Mood: Focus Macedonia”, Bucharest Art Week
April 2015 - "Entropic Erosion, Human Cityscapes", Carol 53, White Nights of the Galleries 9,
Oct 2015 - Gernik, Pygmalion Art Gallery, Timisoara, curator: Costin Brateanu;
Nov 2015 - Colors of Life, Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni, Curator: Thomas Emmerling;
May 2016 - Juozas Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, Curator: Lena Khvichia;
Sept 2016 - Art in Bucharest, Union of Artists of Romania;

Schollarships & residencies:
Oct. – March 2009. Resident at Romanian Cultural Institute in Rome, Italy;
June 2008 Restauration, St. Alexander Cathedral, Alexandria, Romania, (P. Ion Draghici);
Oct. – March 2009. Erasmus, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Italy;
Nov. 2009, research visit at Biennale di Venezia, Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice;
June.2004 Columbia University Campus, American Culture Workshop, CIEE, NY, USA;
July 2010 – “Byzantine Icon Restauration Summer Camp and Workshop”, Arcuş Cultural Centre – Sf. Gheorghe, Romania;
24 June – 8th July 2012, “How was it possible? – the Jewish Holocaust in Romania – 4th Edition”, Cristian, Brasov, “Elie Wiesel Foundation” and “Yad Vashem
Institute” for studying the Holocaust and the Museum of Holocaust;
June 2013 – Kicevo Art Colony Residency, Kicevo, Macedonia;
June 2014, Fier Art Colony, Fieri, Albania
August 2014, Kavadarci Art colony, Kavadarci, Macedonia
Oct 2015 - Gernik Art Colony, Timisoara, Romania,

Projects curated:
Aug. 2014, Art Director, Bucharest Art Week, 1st Edition:
– 27 Sept 2014, “BITUM”, artist run space, Carol 53, Bucharest Art Week
– 27 Sept 2014, “The Great Garbage”, solo show, Adrian Dica, Home Matasari, B.A.W.
– 30 Sept 2014, “Balkan Mood: Focus Macedonia”, Bucharest Art Week
– 2nd Oct 2014, “Restauring the fragment” & “Musicals” solo shows, Matei Enric & Alexandru Burlacu, Bucharest Art Week;
– 4th Oct 2014, “Ghost Host”, Alex Baciu solo show, Dianei 4, Bucharest Art Week.

May 2013 DEBRIS Art Show/White Night of the Galleries#7/ Home Matasari, Bucharest;
Nov. 2013“Womayn Colours” 1st. Ed./ Home Matasari at ”Femei pe Matasari” Street Festival, Bucharest;
December 2011, stage design, “Masca” Theatre, “Commedia dell’Arte”, director Margareta Pogonat;
October 2011 – founding member, “Young Face of Old Europe” project, – “Youth in Action Programme”, tolerance through art, romanian, rromani and foreign participants;
December 2010, “Komunitas Association”, art education workshop with Rromani young women;